13 December 2009

DPMM FC players boost for league

The second round of the DST Group Brunei Premier League will start with a new found excitement following confirmation of several Brunei DPMM FC players being injected into various local clubs to try to make a push for the championship.
Following the announcement that Brunei DPMM FC can no longer be able to participate in the S League two months ago, the local players were temporarily released to local clubs to help them keep in shape and on the competitive edge.

Pengiran Haji Md Waslimin bin PSJ Pg Hj Abd Momin, the manager of Brunei DPMM FC said in an interview yesterday: "It's for a short term and if the situation has a sudden turnaround in the S League next year, we will recall the players back."

"The players could also maintain their form through the competition and also remain in competitive edge," he added.

The introduction of Brunei DPMM FC players looked set to level the playing field in the league, breaking the dominance of MS ABDB and QAF FC following the November transfer window.

It will now be tougher to score against Majra FC as goalkeeper Md Wardun Yussof has joined the club as well as Yussof Salleh.

Strong defensive player Pg Sallehuddin Pg Hj Damit together with Md Maududi Hilmi bin Kasmi has joined AH United.

Menglait FC obtained the services of Ak Md Nurhikman Pg Rajid while Hj Md Subhi Abdillah Bakir will be wearing the AM Gunners Jersey. Abu Bakar Mahari and Azman Ilham will be playing for KSJ Penjara.

MS ABDB are also boosted with the inclusion of the influential captain Rosmin Kamis with defender Safari Wahid and also Suhaimie Yusuf while top of the League QAF FC will have Hardy Bujang back in their squad.

Manager of QAF FC, Rahim Daud however is a bit skeptical on the short-term introduction of the players and said: "The excitement might not last long because the players may be called back into Brunei DPMM FC squad if there is a change in the situation of letting Brunei DPMM FC compete next year."

"The introduction of the new players will surely pose a new threat to QAF FC but I know that if a new player enters a team, they need time to adjust to the new environment."

"With the emergence of new faces in the various clubs, we cannot afford to make any mistakes in the remaining matches of the league," he added.

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