20 March 2014

MS PDB displace Najip FC at DST Super League summit

Wednesday, March 19, 2014
THE Royal Brunei Police Force Sports Council (MS PDB) defeated Kilanas FC 2-1 to move to the top the DST Super League last night.
With 15 points from five wins and a loss, the policemen now lead Najip FC by two points - though the latter have a game in hand.
Both MS PDB and Kilanas dished out quality play, though Kilanas held the slight edge in the early minutes.
MS PDB’s Jasrimah Hj Johari eventually put his team in the lead with a header from Mohd Bohari Mohd Hasan’s corner kick that flew straight into the heart of the penalty box.
They then started to dominate the attack but their energy slowly trickled down leading to the end of the first half.
The half-time break saw a refreshed and more offensive Kilanas FC come out to play at the Balapan Track and Field of the Hassanal Bolkiah National Sports Complex in Berakas.
Kilanas’s Mohd Nor Hidayatullah Hj Zaini netted their only goal after a series of deflections that led to the equaliser.
Mohd Khalid Wassaddisalleh Hj Mahmud hammered in the first shot, which deflected to Pg Mohd Sallehudin Pg Sarifudin - who then sent in an attempt which Hidayatullah finished off.
Kilanas carried on with some impressive attacks before MS PDB’s Mohd Bohari took back the lead in the 70th minute.
MS PDB’s Mohd Nazirul Arsat assisted the goal by pulling Kilanas’s defence towards him on the right flank before laying off the ball to Mohd Bohari who was left with a wide open shot.
MS PDB’s coach Staff Sgt Sahrin Hj Md Jaya wasn’t worried when his team were held at 1-1 by Kilanas FC.
“When they equalised I was still confident because it was only the start of the second half and there was still plenty of time,” Sahrin told The Brunei Times.
“In the first half, we had a number of chances and we could’ve gotten three or four goals.
“The game was a little bit slow in the second half and Kilanas FC pressured us with long-balls,” added Sahrin.
The Royal Brunei Armed Forces Sports Council (MS ABDB) took out Jerudong FC 5-2 in last night’s other match at the Berakas Sports Complex.
MS ABDB’s goals were scored through Mohd Baharin Hamidon in the first minute, Mohd Khairuddin Abd Kadir in the sixth minute, Affendy Hj Akup in the 34th and 68th minute and Muhd Muhaimin Rosmalee in the 56th minute.
Mohd Esmendy Brahim (14th minute) and Mohd Bazli Mohd Said (28th minute) scored for Jerudong.

The Brunei Times

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