01 June 2011

DPMM back to S-League ?

1/GOOD NEWS for Brunei.NFABD is already a member of FIFA, and suspension is was already lifted on 30th May afternoon and Brunei can play internationally with immediate effect.DPMM can be back on track for the S-League next season.

Players coming for tryouts beginning June,2011

1/Lounes Bendahmane(Algeria)-

2/Daoud Bouabdellah(Algeria)

3/Carlos Mansilla(Chile)-

4/Lisandro Henriquez(Chile)-

5/Andre luis De Souza(Brazil)-16th June

6/Felicien Singbo(Benin)-6th June

7/Hamza Yacef(Algeria)

8/Maxwell Santos Silva(Brazil)

DPMM FC website

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