08 May 2020

NFABD sets up workout drills for players

Fadhil Yunus
With the football season on hold due to the coronavirus pandemic, the National Football Association of Brunei Darussalam (NFABD) through its Technical Development Department prepared visual material on training drills to guide all football players for their individual workouts.
As all group training sessions are currently suspended in line with the government’s measure to curb the spread of the pandemic, players have to train on their own to keep their fitness levels high.
The national football governing body in a statement said, “Maintaining top-level fitness and skills is crucial for our football players. You can’t expect to win your games if you can’t perform well.”
The five-minute instructional video shows a series of football routines as well as warm-ups and exercises designed to help players build momentum throughout Ramadhan and until the country is officially COVID-19 free.
Some of the routines include repetitive motions of the sole roll and the outside foot roll for both feet, a 60-second no-touch stepovers and Brazilian taps as well as single leg V drags and V drag exchange.
The individual workout will help players develop their dribbling and ball control as well as balance and coordination.
For a longer routine, players may also perform variations of the dynamic ball mastery which encourage them to work on their touches.
Using football cones, players can also improve their dribbling skills, while one-touch passing and receiving the ball is also known to be a popular football drill. After ball work, players may focus on working on their upper body strength through push-ups and lower body strength through squats as well as a core exercise through planking.
NFABD have been advocating the stay-at-home initiative in support of the World Health Organization (WHO) guidelines and FIFA as the global football community join forces to combat the spread of the pandemic.
Last month, President of NFABD Pengiran Haji Matusin bin Pengiran Haji Matasan lauded the BreakTheChain video campaign, which was launched by the Asian Football Confederation (AFC).
The video, which involved iconic Asian football stars, raised awareness to combat the spread of the pandemic and served to convey their gratitude to the frontliners.

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