09 June 2010

60th Fifa Congress to decide on Brunei's fate

"Thus the outcome of the Fifa Congress only raises more questions than answers, what is Brunei's move and what of FFBD?

Previously if the expulsion did go through during the congress meeting in these two days, Brunei will have had to wait until at least 2012 to have any chance of playing again on the international stage.

In March, the Asian Football Confederation (AFC) explained that there were two alternatives if the Sultanate wants to remain a part of the global football community.

First option is the re-registration of Bafa by the local authorities and second, for a new body to officially apply and be recognised by Fifa.

"The application of a new body can come only after the first body has been expelled," said Regenass in an email to The Brunei Times on April 2.

"That means a new association could only expect to join Fifa and play in international competition after mid 2012," Regenass added.

If the same rules apply with the extended suspension, it would be at least in 2013 that Brunei will get a taste of international football if Bafa is still not re-registered by then."

The Brunei Times

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