27 January 2010

Brunei Football Must Shine Again

FUTSALAFC is another casualty for international football for Brunei Darussalam. Recently Brunei DS was dropped from the Futsal Tournament organised by AFC.

I am sure. Brunei Darussalam will again be dropped from Pre World Cup and Pre Asian Cup as well Asean Football championship known as Suzuki Cup. How long will we be like this?

Is there anybody who will look into this matter and put us back in the regional and international football calendar again? Are we going to be isolated in regional and international football? What are the stakeholders in football doing and going to do about this matter?The losers are the youths of Brunei Darussalam.

Regarding FIFA - FIFA has cared a lot about Brunei FA hence:

It has sent two of its officials at the very first instance when the BAFA was officially deregistered. and failed in its appeal to the relevant agencies.

A delegation from AFC led by its President (Mr Hammim) also came to Brunei to meet relevant officials.

The Director of International membership from FIFA also came to Brunei DS and had meetings with all football stakeholders.

FIFA has even "put Brunei Darussalam'' within the Goal Project by "allocating" funds.

The Headquarters of BAFA which is now standing beautifully at Berakas near SNHB - just for the sake of the football development in Brunei Darussalam.

Lastly FIFA has organised courses an forums in Brunei and outside Brunei for football administrators, coaches and referees just "t give the football stakeholders and professionals" experience and knowledge so that football development in Brunei DS will be at par with its counter parts within Asean, Asia and even within FIFA football families.


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