04 February 2010

QAF FC a victory away from a hat-trick of titles

QAF FC only need one more win to become the DSTGroup Brunei Premier League I (BPL I)champions for the third consecutive time when they crushed NBT FC 6-1 at the Berakas Sports Complex in Berakas last night.

"We only have to beat AH United next week to clinch the title and we will work hard to earn that win," said Rahim Hj Daud, manager of QAF. "That's all we need, one more win and for the last game be it a draw or lost, it doesn't matter anymore."

Unbeaten QAF showed another top class win against bottom dwellers NBT, making circles around the opponents on the field even though regulars Riwandi Wahit, Vivan Francis Bayong and goalkeeper Md Sahan Mumtazali did not feature in the match.

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