05 February 2010

Football ban: No lucky '13' for Brunei

Fifa in a statement to The Brunei Times denies international ban on Brunei football to be lifted in June 2013

THERE is still no light in sight at the end of the tunnel for Brunei football despite what was stated on DPMM FC's website.

Brunei's professional football club DPMM FC offered a glimmer of hope for football fans in the Sultanate when they announced on their official website that: "Brunei has been suspended by Fifa from international competitions until June 2013."

A good news since no 'liberation day' was mentioned previously.

When the International Federation of Association Football (Fifa) slapped a ban on the Football Association of Brunei Darussalam (Bafa) on Sept 29 thus banning the national football team and all club sides in the country from international competitions the sport's governing body only stated that "the suspension will run until Bafa is reinstated by the government".

So the liberation day in June 2013 as cited by the DPMM FC's website was greeted with joy by the fans as it meant Brunei would be back in international scene in just three years' time.

But, in a statement to The Brunei Times yesterday, Fifa swiftly rubbished the statement and re-affirmed its stance.

"We can confirm that Brunei is suspended until Bafa the only football-controlling body recognised by Fifa (in Brunei) is re-registered by the government."

A DPMM FC official, when contacted yesterday, said he had no idea about the supposed 'June 2013 liberation day'.

The official also said that he didn't know where the website obtained that date.

Brunei Times

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