11 December 2012

2014 AFC Challenge Cup draw : Brunei to Philippines !

2014 AFC Challenge Cup qualifiers in Philippines :


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  1. Let NFABD not repeat the same mistakes

    It's been one-and-a-half years since NFABD was formed and I want to congratulate them for their gallant effort to bring Brunei back to the international calendar. Now it's time for our executive committee to play their role in shaping the future of Brunei's football. I really wish that NFABD could share with the public about their short- and long-term plans for our National Team and our U-23, U-21, U-19, U-17 teams.

    I recently found out from the AFC website that Brunei will be playing in the qualifying round AFC Challenge Cup which I wish that NFABD had made it public. The qualification matches are scheduled to take place from March 2-17, 2013 and again NFABD has failed to make it public on their preparations for the qualifying round.

    Are we going to field a competitive squad and get a better result than 2006 in Bangladesh or send a team just for the sake of participation? Is it impossible for NFABD to arrange some certified FIFA friendly and conduct centralised training abroad? Don't we have a national team management and technical committee that are responsible for these matters? I believe that by conducting certified FIFA friendly matches will improve our ranking although the ranking is only a number and does not reflect our true strength but still we need to improve our ranking. Our previous highest recorded ranking, which was in December 1992, was 140th.

    Our players have potential, but because of lack of preparation such as overseas centralised training and certified FIFA friendlies, we could again fail just like we failed to qualify for the AFF Suzuki Cup 2012. NFABD managed to inform us that they have sent a TSG (Technical Study Group) for the AFF Suzuki Cup qualifying round but sadly failed to share the information gained by the TSG.

    I am confident that the Brunei team can lift the AFF Cup in six years time if our team have enough exposure to overseas centralised training and certified FIFA friendly matches especially for our National Team, U-23, U-21, U-19 & U-17 teams. The selection of players for all our national teams should be finalised immediately so that they can start to train together to achieve one objective.

    So, please no more last minute player selection trials and team formations. Our doa is always with you for the success of Brunei football team. BRUNEI YAKIN!!!